Bursting with Blessings

How To Pray For Those That Have Hurt You. Devotional & Prayer

We can be a blessing and receive blessings even through our enemies and people who challenge or hurt us.

Let today be a day of praying for heart transformation and salvation for all those that have wronged you or hurt you.

Ultimately, we want people to change and never hurt us or others again. While that person may never change we can use their bad behavior and impact on us to catapult us to a more mature spiritual perspective and relationship with God by praying blessings over them.

We can cause a dramatic shift in the world by praying for people we see, interact with, dislike, and downright hate.

This world needs more spiritual renewal and awakening. We can be apart of God's Kingdom agenda of transformed hearts and minds through Jesus and the word of God.

May God bless you to be able to pray for all those around you with a sincere heart for them to come to the cross and be transformed in such a way that they become a blessing for all those around them.

Dear Lord God almighty, I humbly come before You with awe and wonder at Your power, love, and mercy. Lord please forgive me of my sins known and unknown, things done and left undone.

Lord, I delight in Your mercy and love. Lord my human mind wants to rail at the injustice of those that have hurt me. But Lord I want to pray for them to be saved and transformed.

I know that if they come to You that they will be forever changed in such a way that they will no longer hurt others and will become a blessing to all those around them.

I want to grow in spiritual maturity but most especially I want You to be proud of me and delight in my intercession for those that need You so desperately that they have become bitter and evil, therefor I pray blessings on them and that they may come to a salvation knowledge of You.

Lord Jesus please keep those that have hurt me from hurting others too. Lord Jesus please heal my mind and heart of the hurt that is there--I submit myself for Your transformation and change.
In Jesus name, I pray, Amen!

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