Bursting with Blessings

How To Overcome Anxiety: Devotional Philippians 4:6

Do you struggle with anxiety?

Anxiety is the thief that steals our peace and joy. Anxiety comes over us when we want control over the outcomes of our circumstances.

Anxiety is fear that we can't trust God. Anxiety is the emotions choking our faith out like a noose around our neck.

We have two choices in life--to release the fear and worry over the outcomes of our circumstances to our faith in God or to cultivate an ever increasing emotional turmoil. There truly is little that we can control in life.

Faith in God's choices for us stamp out the anxiety. It's why I believe in proclamations and affirmations so strongly. When we reaffirm our faith to our subconscious that God's got all things for our good and His Kingdom agenda then we can over time stamp out the increasing worry that swirls through our mind.

Let's proclaim over ourselves faith, love, peace, joy, and happiness that surpasses all worldly understanding.

Spend some time today journaling your thoughts on anxiety versus faith. Take some time to craft some affirmations to speak out loud over your circumstances. Reach out to me and I'd be happy to share some of mine with you.

Let's pray: Dear God Almighty, we enter Your courts with praise and thanksgiving. We shout Hallelujah to our God.

Lord You know all things. You are the God who sees. There is nothing that You do not know.

We praise You Jesus for loving us with a fierce and deep love that surpasses all our understanding. We praise You for lovingly pursuing us and bringing us into a salvation relationship with You.

Lord Jesus please forgive me my sins. Please Lord forgive me for my lack of trust in You.

Lord please help me to cultivate faithfulness and trust that no matter the outcomes You are with me and it is well with my soul.
I sing Alleluia, Alleluia, Hosanna in the highest. Amen

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