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How To Know If Someone Is Toxic

Happy Tuesday y'all

How can I pray for you today?

This morning was packed with classes and a women's business community meeting online. #CreatorsInnerCircle #bizbuddies
Having positive like minded people support you and stop you from negative talk is #transformative to emotions #empowering to keep #motivated to work hard toward goals, dreams, and the #vision God gives us

How can I encourage you today?

Remember you have the power to do all God has called you to do because the Holy Spirit dwells richly in you.

Cultivate your faith muscles and ask for God to show you how to discern who should be in your life and who should not. Creating an encouraging and uplifting group of people to encourage and be encouraged by takes intention. To grow we must protect ourselves and the healing that Jesus is doing in our minds and heart. Christ sometimes would heal and then admonish the healed person not to return to their village. I encourage you to think on this and talk about it with God. There are times when we should not return to the place or the people that cause hurt and illness in us.

Like the kindness of a dog that loves unselfishly, we need to analyze the behavior of those interacting with us.  

Do you feel constantly hurt and drained by the person?  Do they blame you without ever taking responsbility for their own actions or words?  Do they encourage your dreams and aspirations or make you feel less than and incapable?

Those three questions above can reveal volumes of where that person is mentally and emotionally themselves.  We canNOT fix others.  We can only work on ourselves with Jesus and the word of God.

Pray for discernment and guidance from God.  We are not doormats for abuse.  Leave those that act with unkind and selfish intent to the Lord who can work in their hearts as He knows is best. (see 1 Peter 2:23)  

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