Bursting with Blessings

How To Have Wisdom & Revelation: Devotional Ephesians 1:17

What revelation are you seeking right now?

I tend to fixate on how the future will turn out.  I tend to just think about circumstances.

This beautiful verse calls to my mind to fixate more on knowing Him in a dynamic way.  

Let's put more energy into knowing Him and gaining wisdom through the word then obsessing and fixating on circumstances.

Let's bring our thoughts and energy into alignment with Him who makes a highway in the wilderness and streams of living water in our hearts, who can move mountains, transform hearts, and work all things for our good in a way that we in our human strength and human wisdom never can.

Let's pray:  Thank You Jesus that we can come boldly to the throne of wisdom and grace.  Thank You for making a way to have the Holy Spirit within us.

We are in awe of Your loving sacrifice.  Lord Jesus forgive us our sins know and unknown and so uphold us by Your grace.

Lord please help us to have revelation knowledge of You and Abba Father and Holy Spirit through Your precious Holy word today.

Lord we want real wisdom and knowledge, the kind that moves mountains in our lives and transforms our thoughts so that we can have the abundant joyful life in You Jesus.
In Jesus name, we pray, Amen

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