Bursting with Blessings

How To Have Truth: Devotional John 16:13

Do you crave to know the truth?

As a mother I sometimes need to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me whether my child is speaking the whole truth or a whole lie. #RealAndRaw mom over here.

I crave to know the truth on all things and in every area of life. Throughout my years I felt like my mind was disordered and chaotic. I struggled with depression and anxiety through the years. I now have tools in place so that I can triumph over those tendencies.

I believe that the enemy has created our world to be chaotic and to influence chaos in our minds. The more I plug into God's truth and allow the Holy Spirit to fill my mind and home the more peaceful and ordered my mind and life is.

Jesus came to give us love, life, peace, hope, salvation. He came so that our joy would be made complete in Him and that our minds would be filled with the truth and comfort from the Holy Spirit.

The more time you spend in the word and the more worldly input you cut out the more ordered and peaceful your life will become. Ask the Holy Spirit what you need to plug out from and what chapter of the Bible you need to plug into so that you can have more peace and less stress

I look forward to talking with you more about this at our Bible Study and prayer time. See you around 2:30ish east coast time.

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