Bursting with Blessings

How To Grow Through Hard Days: Devotional James 1:12

Blessing and more blessings.

We all want blessings. We all want hard days and crises to pass us by. But the Lord told us we would have hard times.

We have a choice, to grow through our challenges or to become miserable, hardened, broken.

Positive growth through hard circumstances have come when I have chosen the better way--to walk closely with the Lord throughout the painful time. When I choose to read His word, speak with Him, and write what He is prompting my heart and mind, along with diligent prayer from others, I reap the reward of blessings in the storm and blessing from the storm.

Are we playing too small? Are we not preparing for hard times?

This broken world will not allow us to pass through without our own fair share of bumps, bruises, and broken moments.

God can create a mosaic of beauty, a testimony of transformation, from every moment that hurts.

Are you ready to prepare for the hard days, to triumph through the pain, and to come out with spiritual maturity and a resilience like never before? *Want to learn how? 🗣🤳 message me and I'll teach you the tools that bring the right mindset and blessings.

Dear Lord God, thank You for this day. Thank You for Your love and mercy. Thank You Jesus that You always walk with us.

Lord help us to grow through our hard moments. Help us Lord to shift our mindset and words to be uplifting of ourselves and others.

Please give us a desire to read Your word, a knowledge to understand it, and the bold courage to share it with others.

Help us Lord to lean into You during every moment, most especially the hard times. Help us Lord to grow in maturity through every moment and come out stronger and more capable of all that You want us to do.

Thank You Lord Jesus, Amen.

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