Bursting with Blessings

Growing Through Hard Times: Devotional Job 5:17

How do you feel about discipline from God?

I know that sin is a weighty topic with a lot of feels. But, truly we need to talk about this mature topic with love and kindness but truth.

I'm not one to love discipline. I know that God often sits and watches our own sinful choices reap hard consequences. I also know that scripture says He will bring about circumstances to get us to recognize that He is God alone and worshiping ourselves etc is not right.

I will say that I do love the growth in my faith, my mindset, and the blessings God wants for me after the storm, after the chastening, after the discipline.

As Paul says no discipline feels good at the time but the rewards far out way the momentary pain.

If we must go through these hard days this year use it. Don't let the crisis, the struggle, or the hurt produce no fruit and therefor be wasted. Lean into God and His word and ask Him to take it and bring glory to His Kingdom and blessings to your life.

May God lead and guide you to the scripture you need for every circumstance you encounter this year. May God lead you to maturity and blessings that only He can. In Jesus name, Amen.

How can I be praying for you today? PM me or just leave a comment or emoji below and I will pray over you this morning

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