Bursting with Blessings

God Lifts Your Head When You Are Bowed Down: Devotional Psalm 3:3-4

Sometimes it's easy to forget that God wants us brave, confident, courageous with our head held high.

Do you ever struggle with feeling like you should keep your head down in shame forever? *let's talk that through if you struggle in that area

For years, the enemy was happy to keep reminding me of my sin, my brokenness, and shame that I felt over my past.

And it created more brokenness--the biggest one is that it fed my selfishness.  It fed my mind things that made me self-focused on my problems and that made me choose poorly over and over again which would feed the cycle even more.

God wants to lift our head after we have come to Him for forgiveness.  He wants to infuse us with bold courage, to take our testimony and make it a story that saves us--not a story that feeds more pain and more sin into our life.

God wants to become our shield, our protector, our energy, our rejuvenation, our creativity, our transformer to become the miracles we keep asking God for.

*are you ready to break the mindsets that keep feeding your broken cycle? Let's talk about a coaching package that will transform your life forever and bring forth blessings like you never thought possible.

Let's pray: Dear Lord God Almighty, we humbly come before You with thanks and praise that we can enter the throne room of grace and receive forgiveness and a lifted head--for our sin and shame is cast as far as the east is to the west and never remembered again by You.

Lord help me not to allow the enemy to keep reminding me of the sin that You remember no more and that You have cast away.

We thank You Lord Jesus that You want us to have a head held high with courage, power, and peace.

Please Lord help us to cultivate faith and knowledge in Your word that will lead us boldly into our day, standing firm on Your word, and the truth of who You are--our shield, our strong tower, our loving God.

Thank You Lord Jesus for forgiveness, love, protection, and the power to become the blessings You long to give us.

Amen and Amen.

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