Bursting with Blessings

God Can Catapult Us To Something Greater

Can you imagine blessings springing from your greatest crisis? Why waste the pain of hard days and difficult times? Why not let God catapult you to something greater and better than you can ever imagine.

Want to know how? Pick up my book and read how blessings can spring forth from trials that bring us to our knees. Then join me for the winter session of The Transformation & Change Coaching Bible Course. 6 weeks of tools and personalized coaching in a supportive group atmosphere. www.BurstingWithBlessings.com

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About this websiteAMAZON.COMFrom The Flood To The Calling--How Crisis Can Catapult Us To Positive ChangeAre you ready for a crisis? Do you want the abundant joyful life? Do you think creating a positive daily life is to hard or impossible for you?Dig into this quick read and learn that the abundant joyful life is possible. Come along with me and let's look our lives, personal development, spiritual...

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