Bursting with Blessings

Forgiving Ourselves So We Can Create The Blessed Life: Devotional Acts 11:18

Forgiveness is life giving!

Forgiveness is a balm to the soul that is burdened down. We are blessed by Jesus to find life giving forgiveness through Him who gave His life for us! Thank You, Jesus!

Forgiveness is energizing and life blessing when we receive it also from those we know we have wronged.

We often talk about forgiving others. We talk about how freeing and life giving it is when we release the right to revenge and put the other person squarely in God's hands.

Today I want to talk about forgiving ourselves. God paid it all for us. He has washed us clean and made of us holy unto Him. But do we treat ourselves that way? How would you treat yourself today if you shifted your mindset and saw yourself as holy, loved, worthy, and chosen?

Let's talk to God today about the way we treat ourselves in light of all that God calls us--He calls us beloved! He calls us a holy people to Him. He has cleansed us body and soul. If this truth resonates deeply, what would you change today?

See you all in just a bit for our Bible Study and prayer time.

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