Bursting with Blessings

Fight Fear! Start Small & Build Up Your Power Over Fear: Devotional Acts 18:9

Fear! Anyone have fear that holds them back?

I know that through the years fear held me back from so many things. Fear robs us of blessings and change. Conquering and mastering the feeling of fear takes us to whole new levels of life.

As Paul grew in boldness and courage so did the ability of the Holy Spirit's power to flow through Paul. Because he rebuked fear God could use him to grow the church and healing many.

We don't know who can be blessed when we master doing things with boldness while rebuking fear.

I know that the feeling of fear will always come up--BUT the more we do what we fear and don't hold back the more powerful we become. The more we do things in the midst of the feeling of fear the more diminished the stronghold of fear is. The more we triumph over the voice of fear the more diminished the voice becomes.

How small can we make the voice of fear? What could God be asking you to do right now for His Kingdom agenda and your blessings that fear is holding you back from?

Don't let the enemy keep using the voice of fear which comes in many forms like: insecurities, inadequacies, impostor syndrome, past failures, education worries, etc.

Today do what God is whispering for you to do. Stand up for your abilities, gifts, talents, calling, and words. Has God called you to forgive--then forgive. Has God called you to stand firm in your beliefs and transformation against family members who don't believe you can change? Has God called you to write a story for all to read? Has He called you to start studying toward a different career? A move? A breakup?

Post below if you feel encouraged to share what you are working to do while fear is trying to hold you back.

*I now have a book out to give you the spring board to courage and the abundant life in Jesus. https://lnkd.in/eqFP7B6

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