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Fatigue and No Motivation: How to DO Into Feeling

Each day we wake up and it's a choice whether to get out of bed.  It might not be one that we actively think about, but it is something we do every day—unless of course we're sick.

In the course of the day we think about our responsibilities and tasks.  We chose whether one task is more important over another.  Sometimes it is subconscious and other times it takes active will to force ourselves to fold the laundry—that's my nemesis 😉

So often we tell ourselves "I just don't feel like exercising/cooking/folding laundry/making a budget/ etc."  How do we get to that feeling?  Will the feeling of wanting to sit down and make budget ever happen?  I know it has never happened for me, yet I make one every month and put my expenses in the columns.  

We can't get true transformation without action.  We can't create the abundant life without walking actively in God's promises. He promises to prosper the works of our hands—Psalm 90:17.  

Jesus said that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak—Matthew 26:41.  We want the fruit of transformation—we want the exhilaration of accomplishment—we want the clean home from hands that worked on the mundane tasks—we want the beautiful, nutritious meal on the table—we want the heart healthy body from exercise, yet we don't feel like putting the effort out.  The lack of effort then produces feelings of guilt which in turn makes our fatigue and depression even more magnified.  

I speak from experience on this.  As a person who has struggled on and off for over 30 years with depression and guilt, I can testify to the destructive forces that are magnified when we don't accomplish the tasks that we don't feel like doing.  As more tasks get left undone we further plummet down the spiral of depression and fatigue.  

How do we halt the progress?  If you are clinically depressed then as a nurse, I encourage you to seek a trained psychiatrist to find the medications that will work for you if you want western medicine.  If you seek alternatives to western medications, then I encourage a holistic practitioner with a lot of experience treating clinical depression and nutritional deficiencies.  When going a holistic route it typically involves a multi-pronged approach that needs an advanced practiced practitioner to walk with you step by step. I love going holistic and covering your healing with the power and energy of God's healing energy.  

If you are battling situational depression from inaction, then action is where to start.  You can't wait to feel like making your bed and making it pretty every morning.  You need to create the feeling of immediate accomplishment.  Make your bed and thank Adonia for your bed and the rest you had that night.  

Even my dog loves a made bed.

Ephesians 5:20 always give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Yeshua the Messiah.

I use the proclamations and strategies taught to me in the Mom Mastery University Boot Camp.  I proclaim over myself that I have strength from the Lord and that He renews my energy.  I tell myself that I am doing my way into feeling the feelings that I want like: accomplishment, happiness, peace, energy from a good run.  

Pray while performing the task you need to do.  Listen to an inspirational CD, YouTube video or book—perhaps by Terri Savelle Foy, her work is so empowering and inspiring.  Come listen to Hannah Keeley's webinars on emotions or the several 100 other amazing training and coaching webinars.  Listen to Dave Ramsey as you fold laundry and build up the strength to tackle budgeting.

I know that you can do it.  Every day God's mercies are new.  Every day is a day to make small steps toward the feelings you want.  But, don't wait for the feelings to come—create the feelings by doing!!

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