Bursting with Blessings

Devotional: Watering The Burnt Edges...

Running through our life from thing to thing being pulled along the river of this world can feel more like a battered rock to me than being a water that feeds others. I often underestimate the value of feeding smiles and kind words--those seemingly small things can feel like a cool drink of water in a fiery burnt out world.

Today as I thanked the woman at the check out I could feel that she was weary and burnt from all the day's nastiness. I couldn't spend more time encouraging her because of the line of people shuffling behind me to get to her. But, I did give as much gratitude in my smile, my thanks, and my encouragement for her to have a blessed week as I could. And now a prayer for her to find a cool drink of living water in Christ and for Him to flow onto her burnt edges of her mind and spirit.

Today I encourage you to go to Jesus and be refreshed with the word and then to pour out onto all those around you in little and big ways.  Pray for the strangers that pass you by and be apart of their spiritual and physical life by interceding for them to God.  You never know the impact you will make this side of heaven.  But how wonderful to give an unknown precious gift to a stranger :-)

Looking forward to today's Bible Study & Prayer time.

How can I be praying for you today?

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