Bursting with Blessings

Devotional: The Triune God...

How often do we forget to be in awe of our triune God?
Take a moment to think on and be in awe of the power and majesty of our God. Our mind has a difficult time grasping the enormity and complexity of our God. The beauty and majesty of the three in one fills me with wonder and praise for His glory and love.

I sit here in wonder of the interconnectedness of God The Father, God The Son, & God The Holy Spirit--to be so connected that every thought and feeling flows through each and one together. How awesome is our God who walked this earth and experienced everything. Do we think about the shared experience, feelings, and trauma that Jesus experienced and was simultaneously experienced by God The Father and God The Holy Spirit?

May God grant you a moment of immense awe, wonder, and worship over His power and majesty and love so deep that He did not hesitate to sacrifice Himself for us, to be with us in all eternity. May that thought invigorate you even more to strive to serve Him with joy and love and reverence and excitement to shine the light and love of Christ Jesus wherever you are. Amen.

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