Bursting with Blessings

Devotional: Jesus Blesses & Heals

When people are wronging you or being unkind etc. do you desire to heal them, bless them, pray for them?

Look at this beautiful verse and meditate on the intricacy of it and the vast unspoken miracles of love that it intimates. Jesus was being attacked. So many officials and guards and elders were there to murder Him. Yet, he healed anyway. He blessed the man and others with witnessing a miracle. Yet, they didn't care. They disregarded the love, blessing, and healing before their very eyes.

Let's meet at 2 pm and talk more about what awesome and amazing love God has for all of us including those that hate Him enough to keep disregarding the blessings and miracles God keeps pouring out on them. (See Matthew 5:45)

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