Bursting with Blessings

How To Humble Yourself and Love The People Around You: Devotional Psalm 51:15-17

Do you love yourself and others?

Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself. But if you don't love yourself through God-given eyes and a healed heart then how will you see your neighbor with loving eyes and compassion to link arms with them in a healthy way?

God doesn't ask much of us at all given the depth of sacrifice and forgiveness He has given each of us who call on Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

He asks that we humble ourselves--that's the broken spirit--break the sin of pride and see our need for our Savior to heal us, redeem us, and transform us.

Have you broken your pride down lately? The pride of saying that God couldn't possibly call you, forgive you, love you?

Have you broken your pride down enough to see that you are now worthy and loved? Because clinging to a mindset that calls yourself unworthy is calling God wrong--that's pride.

Have you broken your pride down enough to replace your broke pieces with God's word? Because if you cling to your past and cling to the brokenness then you are standing in your pride and calling God's word not good enough for you and your healing.

Have you broken your pride down enough to replace harsh words to yourself? Because if you are clinging to flogging yourself over every little thing then you are saying that God can't/won't forgive you and He has already cast your sin as far as the east is to the west using His most precious Son our Savior Jesus Christ.

Let's choose to break our pride. Let's choose to see ourselves through Jesus eyes. What more do you expect from Him? It's time to choose to say yes and thank you to anything He is telling you to do.

It's time to choose to love yourself through Jesus eyes and to then love and respect every person around you with Jesus love.

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Let's pray: Dear Lord God Almighty, we sing praises to Your name! We humbly come to the throne room of grace, mercy, and healing with great thanksgiving.

We praise You and thank You for forgiving us. We praise You Jesus that our sin and shame are gone forever!

Jesus break our pride down in any and all areas that are holding us back from loving You, our neighbor, and ourselves with Jesus eyes and Spirit.

Wash us with Your love and and wash away the pride. Thank You Jesus for Your everlasting love. Thank You Jesus that You surround us with massive love far beyond our full comprehension.

We stand in awe of You Jesus! We sing praises to Your name, Jesus! Thank You for Your love! Thank You for Your love!


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