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Creating An Unshakable Self-worth & Trust In God: Devotional Psalm 62

Often we make choices from a place of wanting others to admire and love us. And we often don't even realize the brokenness that that mindset creates in our lives.

Most women are raised to be hyper aware of other people's emotions and opinions. We choose jobs, spouses, and responsibilities based on a swiss-cheese self-worth and a deep desire to receive love and praise from others instead of from ourselves and from God.

I spent decades trying without even realizing it to have others call me "good enough", worthy, wonderful, etc. I made choices from such a broken self-worth that I ended up living with consequences and circumstances that I was deeply unhappy with.

I've written more about it in my course about Cultivating Confidence & Courage--message me now if you're ready for an amazing healing journey that will radically bless your life and empower you to make choices that bless instead of stress and overwhelm.

God wants us not to be moved by the turning tide of people's opinions and the life circumstances that we face. He wants us to know that He sees us, that He loves us, that our worth is far above rubies, diamond, and gold, that we are called beloved, forgiven, qualified, called, set-apart, worthy of all good things!

The more we fix our eyes on Him and see how loved and cherished we are the more we make wise choices that bless our lives and keep us from being tossed about by the ever shifting inconsistent and conflicting advice and dictates of this world, our culture, etc.

Let's choose to see ourselves through Abba Father's eyes--loved, worthy, and empowered!

Let's choose to make choices today that come from a place of releasing the desire to please others and choosing the road that leads to the promise land of blessings that God wants!

Let's choose to worship Him and His word instead of immersing ourselves in the opinions and thoughts of this world.

Release the outcome of all things into His hands and embrace the peace of Jesus Christ that dwells inside of you. Your soul and mind do not need to shake or be moved by the circumstances and troubles you face today. Walk through the day just doing what you know God wants you to do and release trying to manipulate the outcome or the image of what is happening.

*Are you ready to grow your blessings without overwhelm or stress? Are you ready to create an unshakable peace and perseverance? Message me for a breakthrough session and be empowered through God's word and success coaching!

Let's pray: Dear Lord Jesus thank You for this day. Thank You Lord that this a day that we get to praise You and rejoice in it.

Lord we thank You that You call us forgiven, free, worthy, wonderful, and loved beyond measure. We are so grateful Jesus for the kind of love and transformation that only You can provide.

Lord Jesus please show us today where we are choosing the opinions of others instead of the path and choices You want for us.

Please infuse us with a renewed understanding of how worthy we are in You and how much You want to bless us. We long to be empowered by Your word and Spirit to walk through our lives with peace, patience, and stamina.

Please grant us a deep craving for Your word and revelation knowledge of how to apply it to our lives and our minds to bring forth an abundance of healing and transformation for our good and a legacy of blessings to all those around us and after us.

We sing praises to Your name, Lord Jesus! Thank You Father, Son, & Holy Spirit, Amen! and Amen!

I empower women to become the miracle they seek--through learning how to speak the word of God to cultivate faithfulness, knowledge of your value, worth, gifts, and more.

I will help you create the confidence, the mindset, the actions, the joy, and the perseverance to thrive in all of life's circumstances both good and bad.

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