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How To Grow Our Faith & Squash Doubt: Devotional James 1:6

In life we know that things happen that we can't fully explain.

This verse has often given me pause to consider its full meaning and application. I don't doubt that God IS, was, and always will be. I don't doubt He hears my prayers.

God chooses and allows things. Our prayers are heard. We know that faith is a journey of growth.

Psalm 37:3 says to cultivate faithfulness. This provides an image of tilling, planting, growing, and harvesting.

Let's think on this today. Let's imagine the tilling of our mind--taking out the wrong mindsets, the untruths, the worldly ways, the planting of God's word, the growing of that word through repeated reading, praying, speaking it, and harvesting the blessings that come from that diligent work. (Speak It, Believe It, Be It)

*Want to learn how? 🗣🤳 message me and I'll teach you the tools that bring perseverance and blessings.

Let's pray: Dear Lord, we humbly come before Your Holy throne room with thanks and praise. We thank You Abba Father for always hearing us, knowing us, and being with us.

We thank You that You help us in times of hardship, joy, and just being.

Lord please give us a craving to cultivate faithfulness by removing our worldly mindsets of fear, anxiety, unworthiness, etc., and help us to replace them with Your truth--we are safe in Your righteous right hand, we are loved, worthy, and made whole by Your Spirit.

Lord please imprint Your Holy word upon our hearts and minds so that we can be transformed, so that we can speak with kind courage, stand against injustice, and create the blessings that You long for us to have.

Thank You Lord Jesus! Amen

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