Bursting with Blessings

God Is Always Glad To See Us: Devotional Ephesians 3:12

Who are you always glad to see?

I love that God is always glad to see us. I love that our Holy and Mighty God welcomes us with open arms.

What an incredible gift Jesus has given us!

Let's dwell on the incredible gift of being able to freely speak with God through the forgiveness and sacrifice of Jesus.

Let's pray: Jesus we love You and thank You for Your incredible, awesome, amazing sacrifice for each of us.

What a beautiful gift that is beyond all compare.

Lord thank You for opening Your arms to us each moment--calling us loved and worthy. Such joy our souls delight in to be loved by You God.

Lord help us to never forget the profound and awesome blessing of being Your daughter/son. We praise You forever. Amen

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