Bursting with Blessings

Creating Emotional Well-being During Hard Times: Devotional 1 Thessalonians 5:8

I love warrior women who fight for truth, justice, love, and mercy.

While we don't often get dressed in real armor--unless you serve in the military/police/ect. (thank you for your service) we do need spiritual armor every day.

I know that it feels strange to talk about spiritual battle but if you indulge me for a second think about the times that strange thoughts triggered strange feelings--if nothing else we must battle the roller coaster of emotions that happen to us in uncertain times and hard circumstances.

Now more than ever we need the helmet of the word of God protecting our thoughts and bringing emotional well-being to our bodies. We need the powerful love energy of God that is waiting for us to connect spiritually emotionally, mentally, and physically (stress destroys our bodies).

Let's spend some time tapping into the peace of Christ, the word of God, and the power of prayer with thanksgiving over ourselves, our loved ones, and our circumstances.

Let's pray: Dear Lord God Your word is truth and life, power, and protections from the enemy. Lord sometimes our thoughts are the enemy and sometimes the enemy stirs chaos in our lives.

Lord Jesus help us to learn to put on the armor of faith, hope, love, and standing on the power of Your righteous protection for each of us.

Please Lord rebuke the enemy from the harvest of spiritual growth that we are working on right now. Please protect us and guide us to bring forth an alignment of our emotions with Your truth so that we produce the actions of real love, mercy, and justice for ourselves and all those around us.

We thank You Lord God for all that You are doing through this time to bring us into a deeper more amazing relationship with You that will bring about lasting blessings to ourselves and this world.

In Jesus name, we pray, Amen.

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