Bursting with Blessings

Doing Our Work With The Right Mindset--All For God: Devotional Colossians 3:23

Who enjoys all the work that they do? drop me a GIF/emoji of what you are working on now that our circumstances are changing

I use to hate all the mundane tasks of life and have a bitter attitude to much of what I did day in and day out. Interesting how I drained my emotional energy day in and day out focusing in a way that didn't make me healthy.

In times like now we can expend our energy being bitter, scared, overwhelmed by tasks, financial uncertainty, mess from our kids, lack of resources but that wont actually help anything.

The energy we expend today let's work to transform it into something that will grow us and enhance our lives. Let's shift our mindset to working all for the Lord--every single dish we clean, every single phone call we make, every smile we give out, every toy we pick up. Let's ask God for eyes to see the mundane tasks of life as fruitful for building our promise land of blessings.

Let's ask God to show us miracle financial blessings in the coming months and years to pay off any debt we must accrue during this time. Or for God to provide new opportunities for work, provisions, and protections.

Let's ask God to show us ways we can shine love even while staying home.

Let's pray: Lord God we praise Your Holy name for there is nothing that You do not know. You Lord are the creator, redeemer, and sustainer of our lives.

Lord Jesus please lead us to shift our mindset and focus to one that grows us spiritually, relationally, and emotionally.

Lord please help us to do all our work, tasks, and interactions with You in mind. We want to shine love, peace, and patience to all those around us. Please help us grow and change during this difficult time--for we would rather grow positively and bear the fruit of righteousness than stay stagnant and unfruitful. We long to serve Your Kingdom agenda and bring blessings to ourselves and all those around us.

Thank You Jesus for all that You are doing in our lives. Thank You Jesus for making a way in a dark and uncertain time.

We give You all glory now and forever, Amen.

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