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Asking God First Instead Of Trusting In The Flesh: Devotional Philippians 3:3

Anyone suffering some uncomfortable consequences of not asking God first? 💁‍♀️ yep this gal right here

There's a verse in the Bible that says the impetuous mind will learn to weight carefully and this verse tells us to not just trust the fleshly instinct but to trust in God.

In the old testament there are many verses that talk about inquiring of the Lord first. And I try to follow that simple rule--ask God first before doing. And I have added into my morning prayer routine that God would help me weight carefully and not be impetuous.

Let's cultivate a spirit of asking God first on things--not just trusting our feelings but really seeking Him first and waiting on the answer.

Let's pray: Dear Lord thank You for this day. Thank You Lord that You are wisdom and power.

Lord we humbly pray that You would forgive us our sins--the sin of seeking after what we want without seeking you first especially. Help us Lord to cultivate a desire to sit and talk with You first.

We long to live the life You want for us not just the life that our feelings tell us to.

Thank You Jesus for all that You are doing in us. We praise You forever, Amen!

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