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4/23 Prayer Time: How To Choose What To Take Into Your Mind

Posted by Leah Mason-Virgin Burstingwithblessings.com on Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Verse of the day from Daniel 1:8
The enemy and ruler of this world serves up delicacies to entice and destroy our relationship with God. And he does it very individually. What is one person's stronghold, addiction, or subtle hindrance is not the same for all. While somethings can be universally a stumbling block like drugs etc--we need to really examine what we, individually, need to fast from permanently or intermittently to keep cultivating a strong relationship with Christ.
Encouraging each of us today to take one significant mature change to enhance your relationship with Christ.
Give me a heart ❤ or thumbs up if you will be thinking/meditating on this.
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