Transformation & Change

I've been thinking about growth more today. I often perceive it as a painful process--and often it is. However, if we are use to growing then the stretching may not be as acutely painful. Perhaps more of my mind needs to shift to intentionally build a mindset that growth doesn't equal pain but joyful gain. I'm thankful for the tools I have to keep transforming and changing my life in a positive way.  I'm thankful for Mom Mastery University and the break through it gave me this past summer when I did the life change Boot Camp.  Christmas pic from 2013 and 2018 for cuteness factor and to remember how fast they can grow and I can grow inside.  I am changing.  I am transforming.  I am strong.  I am set free.  I am brave in Christ.  I can keep the fires of transformation glowing and growing.

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About Leah Virgin
God has created a bursting desire to share His word. My name is Leah Virgin, loving wife for almost 20 years to my soulmate, and mother to three beautiful and blessed children.