Prayer: Help Us Lord To Love & Speak With Kindness To Everyone We See. For We Know Every Person Is Your Child.

Posted by Leah Mason-Virgin on Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Verse of the day: Our Living, Loving, Creator God, loves all His children. He delights to bless those that turn to Him. Every person is a child of God. Every person no matter where they are from or what they look like are loved by The Creator of heaven and earth. I am thinking today about loving and speaking kindness to all those around me, for they are my sister or brother in God's family. For God desires that all should turn to Him and be blessed by His son Our Savior Jesus Christ! Come pray with me today at my open Facebook page #AllAreGodsChildren #CreatorGod #VerseOfTheDay #Bible #TransformationAndChange #BlessedByChrist #LoveThyNeighbor #ForgivenAndTransforming #DailyChanges #SpeakWithKindness #BurstingWithBlessings 
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