Prayer: Gain New Strength When Listening To The Lord

Posted by Leah Mason-Virgin on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Verses of the day: Thinking on these. How awesome is our God. He renews our strength when we listen to Him. I strive to listen to His calm, strong, quiet voice within the swirling thoughts of my mind. I crave His presence even as the enemy pushes at me to hurry, to do, to think I'm not good enough, or to worry over life challenges. But my faith muscle is strengthened by Jesus and the intentional carving out of time in the word, prayer, and praise. #MeditateOnGodsTruth#IntentionalTimeWithGod#DailyVerse#AbideInHim#ForgivenAndTransforming#TransformationAndChange#BurstingWithBlessings#BeRenewed

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