How To Feed On Faithfulness--Psalm 37

Verse of the day: pondering and praying over this deep and beautiful verse. God wants our trust. He wants us to strive towards good actions and a servant mentality (NOT subservient to others, but a heart and mindset bent on seeing others needs and helping them achieve what they need). He calls us to settle where He has put us and to serve there and cultivate a culture of good there. And then the most beautiful part that my mind is fixed on is to feed on faithfulness. What does that mean to you? It's an active thing to feed and consume something. My mind honed in on--feeding on the word--faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the word. My mind thought of the building of my relationship with God from active feeding on His word, active trust in His will--trusting that He will act for my benefit. Feeding on thanksgiving to God during times of joy and peace and times of trial, challenges, and transformation work that stretches us.
May we strive with intention to feed on faithfulness and the word of God each day from this day forward. Amen!

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God has created a bursting desire to share His word. My name is Leah Virgin, loving wife for almost 20 years to my soulmate, and mother to three beautiful and blessed children.