4/26 Verse of the day

Verse of the day: I love that our loving God, Christ, and Holy spirit had an amazing plan from before time began. I love that they created us even knowing the sacrifices it would take to stay in relationship with us who are so prone to wander away. I love that Christ never hesitated for a second to walk the agonizing road to bear our sin to bring us in and bring the Holy spirit to dwell within us. Sometimes my thoughts are so negative that I wonder why our triune God would bother dwelling and hearing my chaotic and doubting hurtful thoughts. Then I am moved to tears at the magnitude of love that it takes to stand by me and never forsake me.
How great the Father's love for us
How vast beyond all measure

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About Leah Virgin
God has created a bursting desire to share His word. My name is Leah Virgin, loving wife for almost 20 years to my soulmate, and mother to three beautiful and blessed children.